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Improve your stainless steel finishing process

Next generation of stainless steel maintenance products. Cougartron will cut in half your process and make it safer than ever. Shop from best weld cleaning machines, fluids, accessories and much more on the market.

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With precisely controlled current for consistent results, Cougartron InoxMuscle is the ideal weld cleaner for everyday Stainless Steel TIG jobs – great for workshops, factories, onsite work.

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A unique combination of electricity, heat and chemistry for superior weld cleaning, surface polishing and etching. Cougartron ProPlus does it all and more! Clean even Aluminium.

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Etching and Marking

If you need to etch your stainless in a fast and safe way Cougartron MK12 Marking Machine is the best solution. The MK12 is a marking machine that uses quick, safe and very easy to use system.

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Cougartron Proplus has massive power
and cleans welds in seconds! See the action video.

Introducing our small but fast weld cleaner.

Cougartron InoxMuscle Weld Cleaning Machine designed for more power with less weight

With the power readout indicator you can get the exact power output you need, and the precisely controlled current gives you consistent results. The ideal weld cleaner for everyday Stainless Steel TIG jobs – great for workshops, factories, onsite work.

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Cougartron InoxMuscle

Cougartron InoxMuscle, Compact and Robust.
More power with less weight. See the Video

Cougartron Proof of Quality

Using Cougartron Proplus means we have stopped using dangerous chemicals and saved time and money in the process

We used Cougartron ProPlus in a head to head test with other weld cleaners we have been using. It proved to be far superior machine. ProPlus is the best weld cleaner we have ever used.

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