The InoxPower – Cougartron’s affordable machine for entry-level weld cleaning

Introducing the InoxPower

Cougartron have always built weld cleaning machines for industrial workshops that operate on a very tight work schedule and engage in high volume production.

Cougartron machines provide reliable performance for the heavy and sustained use they receive. 

After developing the strongest weld cleaner on the market, the InoxFURY, Cougartron has offered a solution to the heaviest of cleaning applications on larger stainless steel (an aluminium) welds and surfaces.

But what if you are a newly professional or even a hobbyist in welding, and you need a weld cleaner for occasional and more simple tasks?

You’re most likely not investing in a weld cleaner like the InoxFURY if you’re not planning on using it to its full potential. You might rather attempt to try alternative cleaning methods, despite all the shortcomings.

This market gap inspired the Cougartron Research and Development team to create a solution that would provide all the benefits of electrochemical cleaning but as a cheaper alternative.

Also, Cougartron was looking at expanding their range to ensure customers that Cougartron would have a solution for the full range of different production situations and requirements.

All the research and development has lead to the InoxPower – the new light-duty weld cleaning system for entry-level professionals and hobbyists alike.


The InoxPower compared to the other Cougartron machines

Similar to all Cougartron machines, the InoxPower is compact, portable, lightweight, and easily used off- and on-site.

Similar to the InoxMuscle, the InoxPower only weighs 3.7 kg. However the InoxPower is actually a simplified version of InoxMuscle – without the electropolishing functionality.

It is equally as strong and effective with cleaning dark and light TIG stainless steel welds.

The InoxPower can be used for marking your parts as well, with the additional purchase of an etching kit.

As a cleaning only machine, it still cleans and passivates stainless steel welds, which gives it exceptional value.

Want to know more?

InoxPower is already available for purchase through our website – see below.

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