Choosing the right weld cleaning equipment for your production

coougartron weld cleaners

Comparing Cougartron weld cleaners Of all the ways you can positively impact your productivity and profitability, finding the right equipment for your production is certainly on the top of the list. With the right choice, you can improve your bottom line, reduce downtime, and increase the quality of your work. However, the wrong choice will […]

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Dangers of UV and IR radiation during welding

Optical or light radiation is a prominent threat faced by arc welders on a daily basis. This includes ultraviolet, infrared, and visible light radiation. Reduction and neutralization of risks associated with welding is only possible with the use of proper protective equipment that meets the requirements of your workplace. But why is UV and IR […]

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True Colour Technology Improves Your Safety and Increases the Quality of Your Welding

When choosing a protective helmet for your everyday welding work, it is important to pay attention to all the factors that can positively or negatively affect your safety and productivity. Among other things, you have to consider comfort, shade properties, weight, lens quality, and the size of the viewing area. Today we will add the […]

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Airborne Dangers of Welding and How to Fight Them

welding dangers

Welding is one of the most desirable career options in modern industrial production. However, this profession is also linked to a variety of workplace safety risks and dangers. Airborne dangers of welding are particularly emphasized as they are numerous and hard to prevent. This term includes such occurrences as gases and fumes that originate from a […]

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