The Problem

Big Diameter Pipe Bevelling

Oxymat – One of our cherished clients had a problem with big diameter pipe bevelling. The challenge was to bevel pipes (Ø100-Ø400) quickly and without changing of tooling which is very time consuming.

The Solution

Automatic Beveller

We already had a great automatic beveller at hand – the UZ 12 and just had to find a way to make it more flexible and adjustable for different pipe sizes and lengths.

How did we solve the problem? Our team designed a functional roller bed with rubber wheels that can be spaced and positioned according to pipe dimensions. This made the entire bevelling process extremely easy and manageable for even the low-skilled personnel.

Do you have a similar problem? Give us a call and let’s find the optimal solution together!

We have been very pleased with BM Teknik’s approach to the whole process. The demonstrations have been instructive. Finding a good beveller is a bit of a minefield, but Mark helped us find just the machine that suited our needs. The machine we bought is an affordable way to prepare large diameter pipes and low material thickness for welding.

Simon | Oxymat

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