The purpose of this privacy policy is to be transparent about what data we collect, and how we use it to optimize your user experience.
We hope you will take time to read it carefully.

It is BM Teknik intention to be clear and open about how we collect and use data related to you. Collection of your personal information is done on a voluntary basis only (contact forms, personal contact with our representatives). All parts of our website are available for visitors without registration.


BM Teknik’s website use cookies and similar technologies to recognize you and/or your devices. Cookies are small bits of data sent by an Internet server to your browser, which is returned by the browser each time it subsequently accesses the same server, used to identify the ser or track their access to the server.

BM Teknik use cookies to collect data used to optimise the functionality of the website. BM Teknik does not use this data to identify the individual user or to add new data to the individual user.

Cookies are stored on your device. You can control the use of cookies via your browser settings. You can delete cookies from your browser and still use BM Group’s website.

There is a guide on how you delete cookies here

Data collection process

Collection of data

We collect two types of data related to your activity and interaction with our website.

Firstly, we collect anonymous session data through Google Analytics and related third-party services. We do this to analyze the performance of our pages and improve your user experience.

Secondly, we store data voluntarily supplied to us through contact forms, phone calls, and other communication channels. This most often includes your first name, last name, title, phone number, e-mail address, company information and other related details if necessary.

Some of our employees have access to a list over the registered users. With this information BM Teknik is able to keep track of the amount of registrations. The information on the individual registrations is not disclosed and the information will be deleted.

The information about the individual registrations is not disclosed and the information will be deleted immediately if you revoke your registration. We are constantly updating our database, why there are approx. Once a year, you will be sent an email asking where your information is still the same.

Use of data

BM Teknik has ongoing access to statistical data regarding visitor activity on the website. It is not possible to recognise individual users from this information.

BM Teknik can use the information mentioned above to see how you find information on BM Teknik can see if you start from the front page and move down on the other pages, or if you enter the page via a search engine or via external links.

This information is only used in relation to the discontinuation of operations and for the compilation of statistics which for example can be used to improve BM Teknik’s website and optimise the user experience.

Electronic traces

When you are browsing on the Internet, you leave electronic traces that reveal where you have been. These traces are created when your browser sends information to a server. This information is generated by your online activity, for example when you visit a new website. Most browsers inform about their product and version number, for example Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7.0. The server can return the page you requested, so that it appears correctly with your browser.

When your browser requests it sends some other information to that server, including your IP address (your “address” on the Internet). The server knows where the page you requested should be sent. Dependent of the operating system and browser you are using, the browser often also sends your username to the server – the username you are using when you are logging in on your device.


E-mail subscriptions

The e-mail address you have voluntarily submitted to us is used as ‘recipient’s address’ when sending our offers, product news, company updates, and related marketing material.

These updates are sent only with your consent. We reserve the right to use any additional information you provided with your e-mail address to enhance and personalize the messages you receive.

We use third-party e-mail marketing platforms to send our newsletter updates. You can always unsubscribe from our newsletter by following a link that is visibly placed at the bottom of every e-mail you receive. However, we are still obliged to contact you if there is a change in the status of our company that you are directly affected by. This relates mostly to our customers. Send us an e-mail on [email protected] if you no longer wish for us to keep your registered information.

Social Media

BM Teknik is present on all major social media platforms. When visiting our profiles, the respective privacy policies of different social media platforms apply.

The information you provided through these platforms is used in the same way as the data collected on our website. We will not use your information for commercial purposes or share it with third parties unless we have your consent.

Third parties

We use several external service providers to collect, process, and handle personal and anonymous data in order to improve our content and your user experience. We only share the information necessary for the external partners to provide the service they perform for us. We have contracts with them that bind them to treat confidential information confidentially and only treat the information based on our instructions. We make sure that all third-party service providers we work with have and comply with their own privacy policies and that their privacy statements are easily accessible online.

Google Analytics

We utilize Google Analytics to analyze how users engage with our website’s content. The information gathered by “cookies” about your use of the website is stored by Google. With IP-anonymization activated, your IP-address will be shortened and not shown to Google servers in its full form.

You can see Google Analytics privacy policy here:

E-mail marketing platforms

We use external e-marketing service providers to send our updates to collected e-mail addresses.

Data stored on these platforms includes e-mail addresses as key identification elements but may also include your name, family name, company details, and other related information.

BM Teknik currently uses MailChimp for e-marketing purposes. Their Privacy Policy can be found here:

IT service providers

We use external IT service providers for web development and optimization activities. Your user data is shared with web developers only if it helps in solving browsing or access issues. We make sure that we only work with reputable providers that are compliant with strict privacy policies.

We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information. This does not include trusted third parties who assist us in operating our website, conducting our business, or servicing you, so long as those parties agree to keep this information confidential.

Updating Privacy Policy

We will continuously update our privacy policy and make sure you are properly informed as these updates are related to the way we process your data.

For questions, concerns and complaints

If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy you may contact us using the information below.

Marielundvej 48D
2730 Herlev
[email protected]

You have a right to know what information we have stored on you and/or your company.

Note that if you contact us via telephone to know what information we have stored on you and/or your company, we will ask some questions in order to ensure that it is in fact you calling, as we do not pass our customers’ private information. Similarly, one cannot ask for information to be deleted on behalf of others.

LAST UPDATED: 28/5/2018