HEROLASER Fiber Marking and Etching Machine

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Herolaser fiber laser machine is ideal for delicate and precise marking and etching results on metal surfaces.

The machine is incredibly fast and emits high quality laser beams with a focus point diameter of less than 20 μm (micrometers) – thinner than the human hair.

No maintenance is needed – for both the laser source and the lens.

Marking range: 3x3cm-30x30cm

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Model Parameters
Laser Power PULSED (20W, 50W)
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Marking range 30x30mm-300x300mm
Beam quality M2<2
Marking speed ≤7,000mm/s
Min. Character 0.15mm
Repeatability Accuracy ±0.002
Power Supply 220V/50Hz-60Hz | 90-260V/50Hz-60Hz
Repeating frequency 20-100(kHz)
Cooling system Built-in air cooling
Weight <10.5kg | 22kg
Cabinet size 460mm x 160mm x 250mm | 570mm x 270mm x 200mm
Operating system WIN98/WIN2000/WINXP

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