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The most innovative marking machine on the market!

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The Compact Cordless Marker has set a unique standard with a combination of weighing only 2.5 kgs and a power packed battery of 5 amp/hr. User can achieve more than 3 hours of continuous marking and around 8 hrs of normal marking. Frequency of changing battery is once in within shifts achieving least downtime. Its compact carrier makes it easy to carry anywhere.

Mobimark has a seamless connectivity with any wifi enabled device. User can connect own mobile to machine and create a design with the advanced mobile app. User can transfer the design using WiFi and begin work in no time. Its unique in-app locking feature prevents for highest security. A Mobimark launcher app ensures usage of mobile device as a dedicated terminal. Once user transfers the design device connectivity is not required, that saves power as well. User can create Datamatrix codes, Shift Codes, Dates Codes as well as customized codes effortlessly. You can download the mobile app and try it for a great experience of latest technology.


  • World’s First Wif-Fi based Cordless Marking Machine
  • Completely Designed and Developed in India
  • Patent Pending
  • Available in 3 Sizes 50X30mm, 100x30mm, 150X30mm
  • Powerful Lithium Ion Battery for long working
  • Linear Guide on both axes for uniform marking depth
  • Operates on a Wi-Fi Hotspot of the Mobile Marker
  • Control the marker from a Mobile or Tablet
  • Create a program and transfer the marker
  • Most User friendly & Simple to Understand Interface

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