UZ12 ULTRALIGHT bevelling machine 30°+ 45° kit with cutter


UZ12 Beveller
If you are looking for a beveller with large work capacity, then you may want to check out the UZ 12 machine that can bevel plates up to 35mm thick and 60mm wide! UZ 12 is the lightest beveller with an automatic feed system and can even bevel under 50 degrees!

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The lightest DOUBLE SIDED PLATE BEVELER with automatic feeding.

The Machine frame is made of steel, aluminum alloy gearbox, aluminium alloy cabinet and kit for adjustment of angle. All this at a very attractive price.

  • UZ12 ULTRALIGHT creates welding-ready bevels on linear plates of any shearable material, including iron, steel (up to 60kg/mm2 or 85,000lbs/in²), stainless steel, brass, copper and aluminum. It cuts bevels from 3 to 35mm in thickness, with a minimum plate width of 60 mm and minimum plate length of 60mm.
  • The Beveling of the tubes from ID 95mm.
  • Incredibly silent running of the machine.
  • The beveling angle adjustable by the help of the kit for needed angle. Available are kits for 30; 45; 37,5; 22,5 and 50 degrees.
  • The pressure bar unit and the piece supporting unit can be adjusted in height and are supplied with visible graduated scale.
  • It can be hooked to the piece to be machined in either a horizontal or vertical position. The machine can be inverted in order to bevel the bottom side of the plate. Both X and K bevels are possible.
  • The total weight of the machine is very low and only one person is necessary for operation of our UZ12 Ultralight
  • Inversion allows for creation of a double-sided bevel – no need to rotate or flip heavy material
  • Functions as a stationary or a moveable station

Technical data:

  • Working range max.bevel: 12mm
  • Bevel angle: 30°; 45°; 22,5°; 37,5°; 50°( exchangeable angle kit) other angles on demand
  • Thickness shearable materials: from 3 to 35mm
  • Engine: 400W
  • Speed of feeding: 1,8m/min
  • Machine weight: 30kg
  • Dimensions: 470 x 294 x 523mm

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